Meal Amenities

  • Your private eating area is self-serve so you can eat at your leisure and convenience
    Have breakfast anytime
    Even enjoy a bedtime snack (e.g. cold cereal) if desired
  • All food supplied is in factory sealed packaging wherever possible for your protection 
  • We are certified by the province of British Columbia in safe food handling 
  • Complimentary breakfast fixings include (subject to availability):
    • Coffee, hot chocolate, and a selection of hot teas
    • Real dairy cream, plus your choice of milk
    • Quaker oatmeal
    • Kellogg’s cold cereals
    • Choice of bread, or bagels and cream cheese
    • Peanut Butter and Jam
  • Eat breakfast indoors at your ocean-view eating bar 
  • Eat breakfast outdoors on the ocean-view deck 
  • Use of barbecue 
  • Private eating area includes:
    • refrigerator
    • four slice toaster
    • drip coffee maker
    • kettle
    • utensils
    • dishes
    • cutlery
    • wine glasses
    • sink
Island Serenity