Our Advantages

Like a Hotel/Resort we offer

  • a large private self-contained suite – 550 ft² (51 m²)
  • a private outside entrance so you can come and go as desired – no curfews
  • private bathroom including bathtub / shower
  • complimentary in-room tea and coffee (with real dairy milk or cream – not whitener)
  • keyless door lock – no keys or access cards to lose – choose your own code if desired

Like a Bed and Breakfast we offer

  • fixings for self-serve breakfast included in room rate
  • a peaceful residential setting but without: a strict timetable, small rooms, uncomfortable small beds, lacy dust collectors, sharing of amenities, curfews, living with strangers, and the captive audience feeling. Because you can prepare your own breakfast in your in-suite private eating area, you eat what and when you want.

Similar to a Vacation Rental we provide

  • a self-contained facility
  • a kitchenette
  • large deck and private fenced garden
  • private laundry facilities
  • but without typical short-stay surcharges

Like an Executive Suite you’ll appreciate

  • unlimited complimentary high-speed secure internet
  • secure no-charge high-speed secure wireless internet for your portable devices

All the above without common annoyances such as

  • noise from staff and other guests
  • central thermostats and regulators so you can’t get comfortable
  • having to share facilities with strangers
  • pricing games where you pay more for different days of your stay
  • confusing single and double occupancy prices
  • having to line up for breakfast in hotel breakfast rooms
  • strangers and unattended children touching food
  • limited off-street parking and/or having to pay extra for parking
  • having to waste time searching for, or paying outrageous prices for:
    • laundry facilities
    • internet access which can cost $20+ a day at some hotels
  • extra exorbitant charges for:
    • internet access or extra for high speed internet
    • fees for additional connected devices or a second user
  • limited selection of television stations
  • no on-screen television program guide
  • having to watch television without a PVR so you can’t pause, fast forward, and rewind
  • hotel television channels selling their pay-per-view movies
  • dealing with housekeeping staff entering your room, and on their timetable
  • cleaning fees charged by many vacation rentals and executive suites
  • having to tip hotel staff
  • small sheets, blankets, and pillows (our bed linens are actual king size)
  • shortage of hot water when other guests are showering/bathing
  • curfews
Island Serenity